Smart Camera

Artificial intelligence based solution to envision lives. Virtual eye is smart camera device which can recognize currency of many countries, read text from paper, labels, PDF files and identify colors. A precious gift for blind visually impaired people. It is first ever solution from Pakistan. It is dedicated and multi featured artificial intelligence-based hardware solution that will illustrate the captured image of environs in audible form. 

This gadget is able to capture image by button click, extract information of image point and give audio feedback within 3 seconds. With the help of this device un-sighted and partially sighted could hear text, aware themselves from colors of their life and even recognize Pakistani currency. Blind and low vision persons will feel the reality with Virtual Eye independently.

This invention is an Assistive technology and informational aid systems for un-sighted and partially sighted. There is no such multi-featured and dedicated hardware which can perform such services for blind and visually impaired. It is a radical solution for them. Virtual eye smart camera device is not require any internet and mobile connectivity.

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