Money Reader

Bank notes or Money bills recognition is a common problem among many blind and visually challenged people. They cannot guess the money by its dimensions or touching it, always they have to depend on others to ask them what money they have.


VE – Money reader is develop by a Pakistani start-up Virtual Eye that helps visually challenged to recognize money in real time using computer vision technology. Currently it is available in android phones and can downloaded from here .┬áVE – money reader can recognize Pakistani rupees, Indian rupees, Romanian Leu, Nepalese Rupees, USA Dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Hong Kong Dollar, Saudi Arabia Riyal, Jamaican Dollar, Swedish Krona, Bangladeshi Taka.


Once app opens, user have to select his country. Select trial or subscription model. Now the app can recognize the currency in front of camera. User may change the country from top right button on header, besides it there is flash light option. More currencies and features are added day by day.


This app is accessible for blind and visually challenged people through audio feedback(an English female assistance). On starting, it welcomes its user. When any currency is come in front of camera it starts scanning and alerts its user, after detecting the currency it speak out the amount and relevant unit of currency. It also tell the back side and front side of every note.


In my views this is the best, offline app available in play store, recognize money in real time of many countries.

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