VIRTUAL EYE Smart Camera gadget for blind and visually impaired people.

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How it Works?

Virtual eye is smart camera device which can detect Pakistani currency, read text and identify colors. It has camera, mini processor, headphone and buttons.Place object from 1 to 1.5 feet away from camera, press the desired button camera will capture it and give feedback in real time.

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Help Them to be independent.

Virtual Eye has started an initiative to help blind communities by giving them Virtual Eye camera device in Pakistan. These people have equal rights to use techology to ease their lives. Help us to raise funding for them and provide this technology to blind person. To know more about our program please contact us.


Educating Blind People

Virtual Eye publish weekly blogs, tutorials for blind and visually imapired people to educating them, teach them how to use technology like smartphones or computers, giving tips.Also educate mothers having blind child and much more.

What People Say About Us

Following video compiled of some blind people reviews which they gave us on our product testing feedback.

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