Product Features

Text Reader

Text reader can read text from paper by capturing image. It can read smallest text even expire dates, visiting cards, menu cards etc.

PDF reader

PDF reader can read PDF files. Just attached USB and select file virtual eye will start to read.

Voice recorder

This device can record any audio, also they can make memories. Blind student can record their lecture easily and listen multiple times!

Money Reader

Most interesting feature of this device is money reader. It can identify currency in real time.

Color Identifier

Visually challenge people can aware from colors.

TTS and volume

User can change volume and TTS speed according to their requirement.

Virtual eye Smart Camera device

Virtual eye Smart Camera device

Artificial intelligence based solution to envision lives. Virtual eye is smart camera device which can recognize currency of many countries, read text from paper, labels, PDF files and identify colors. A precious gift for blind visually impaired people. It is first ever solution from Pakistan.
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