Mothers of blind and low vision child must know about Quite Books and Story Bags

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Two tricks “Quite Books” and “Story Bags” must be known to Parents of Blind and Visually Impaired child that can make knowledge easier for their toddler.

All books are quiet except audio books. But there are some quiet books that can give you knowledge even your eyes are closed or you are blind or visually impaired. Being parent of blind or visually challenged kid it is difficult for parents to teach them as sighted child learn things. Parents are busy in their routine work.

In fact, more than child care mothers are busy in domestic work. Sighted child can see surroundings so, they can even start learning and exploring things when their mom is busy in kitchen. Like child may saw a green bottle and he / she move on to touch, taste and sense it. If we talk about an unsighted or partially sighted kid; they need some time more than a sighted one to explore the world around. Now there are number people, schools and training centers who are aware of the tips and tricks to start learning of blind and visually impaired kids but still a huge number of people are not conscious about it.

I am talking about those quite books that can build learning process of blind or visually impaired kid just similar to sighted kid. This should be started before schooling. So, Mommies have to make creative books using fabric, formic sheets, glues, scissors, papers etc. Like they can make books that can guide a kid How to brush your teeth?  And practically perform it with them step by step. They can make morning illustration of sun rising. And tell them verbally all about it. Now everyone has internet access they can search it on YouTube or they can buy such books online.

Other thing Mothers can do is they have to make story bags with lots of things like belt, box, pencil, spoon, any toy etc. Tell them name of objects, give it in their hands and let them explore. Mothers can play with them too like She may ask child to find particular things from story bags.

Parents have to visit schools of blind or visually impaired in which they want to start education of their child in future. Talk to them and learn from them. They can also search on internet about training their child through latest technologies. So, these directives will be very good step towards the learning of blind or visually challenged kid.


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