3rd December, International Disability Day Special

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To be successful, is everybody’s right. For this purpose, God provides success trail, in shape of opportunity. Opportunity, although, knocks every mind’s door, it befalls only in resolute mind; that best welcomes it. It does not ask for if the person is able or disable; it just takes place in his mind and makes him successful.

Here, one may ask a question like: why would opportunity, in any case, ask such question?


In point of fact, majority of the masses consider the word “disable” as a limit in person’s movements, senses, or activities. But it isn’t just accurate!!! For if disability were a capping restriction for somebody, then we could never have people like Stephen Hawking, John Nash, Muniba Mazari, Hassan Tareen, Moiz Shaukat, Nick Vujicic, Suleman Arshad, Waqas Ahmed, and a lot more.


Hark! A disabled will be disable until his surroundings enforce him to mount his disability over his abilities. For each and every person lost in his disability, responsible is his so-called physically abled society; which is in effect logically disabled society. And their disability is in fact their inability to see the ability.



So, as the 2k17 theme of this day exemplifies, we must bring positivity in ourselves, in order to transform our society into a justifiable and resilient society. We must not discriminate among individuals. Only these vitalities will lead us towards success.

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