There is no great talent without great will power- life of Prof. Hassan Tareen is an example of it.

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Once, a researcher, baffled by the astonishing formation of butterfly, had an analysis over it. He brought a plant with butterfly’s larvae under consideration. Eating leaves all the time, within a fortnight, the larvae transformed into cocoons; and finally, his most awaiting span arrived; the stage, when the butterflies were fully developed in those chrysalises. It became difficult for them to be in there.

The analyst tore one of the chrysalis in order to make it somehow easy for the butterfly to come out. The butterfly effortlessly came out and dangled itself with the cocoon to make its wings dry. While the other butterflies endeavored to flutter their wings and after a significant effort, the chrysalises cracked; they came out. Now, all of them dangled themselves with their cocoons. After 3-4 hours their wings got dry, and all of the butterflies flew away except the assisted one. It never flew.








This made the researcher discern the case. He concluded his investigation in following remarkable string of words:

“A butterfly could never be able to fly if it were not passed through the most crucial stage of life or death.”

Every year 131.4 million infants set foot on earth. Out of them, more than 1 million die within 24 hours of their birth. And out of the alive ones, only 8% people achieve their goals. These 8% masses are different from other 92%s, because they don’t jitter lasting crucial times of life, rather they keep trying to come out of it.

Today, I am going to tell you about a visually impaired man, Hassan Tareen. He, even being blind, is out of those 8% masses who achieve their life goals!

Unlike other blinds, he didn’t get his education in any special institute. He completed his master in Arabic. As this was the stop of his education, he struggled now to get some good job. This time uses to be difficult for everybody. His blindness made him face numerous setbacks; but this never disheartened him. He never considered blindness, an obstacle in the way to success. The world had a different outlook than him, but he had a passion worthy enough to change that outlook.

He faced a lot of heart shattering moments in his life that if there were some other person; he would lose hope far earlier. He was even declared as a failure in an occupied hall. He took this declaration as a challenge. His long-lasting hard-work and determination of more than 15 years proved it completely wrong! He gave his passionate thoughts, a concrete shape and introduced the first assistive technology center of its kind in Pakistan at LUMS. He proved that success is always the aftermath of hard work. His life is a role model not only for blind but for anybody who wants to attain success.

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