Virtualeye has published first ever accurate android application for detecting “Pakistani currency”.

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Blindness and tactile systems

A highly-developed state is the one that has efficient government; the government that takes each and every community of it, under its consideration, and works for the betterment of all. There is a plenty of countries and states in this world, and a wide range of them have efficient governments.

As far as blind community is concerned, one of the major problems they face, is currency detection. So, the efficient governments of different countries have taken different measures, to make it somehow easy for them to detect paper money; including distinct length and weight of each money denomination, & raised braille or tactile shapes. Relevant heavy machinery, applications, and handy devices are also in the market, but the question is, are these steps or gadgets solving the problem for BOP or not? For as far as governmental steps are concerned, not every blind is familiar with braille; where distinct money denomination feature is adopted by only one or two state governments. If we talk about gadgets and applications, then they are either not accurate or are out of range.

One can only understand the intensity of this problem by assuming, the situation is happening to him. For a minute, consider yourself blind, you are in a grocery shop and about to pay the bill. You just grab the money out from your wallet and unfortunately, the money fells down, or anything bad can happen at that point for You don’t have eyes to see; you just have feel of something deplorable which is not enough. What will You do?

No more worry!

virtual eye that believes in self-reliance, is going to solve this major problem of blinds by providing them with 1st 100% efficient play store app “notary” that can detect Pakistani currency without any ambiguity. So, there is no need to ask somebody for help, maintain wallets all the time, use faulty apps & gadgets, or finding the corner with tactile shape anymore. Just snap it and know it!

Download Link:

Here is video demo:

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